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Budapesti Módszertani és Szociális Központ (BMSZKI) is the largest homeless service provider of Budapest. It offers wide range of services to single adults as well as couples and families with children: outreach, day centers, night shelters, temporary hostels, health services, job centers, supported housing programs, etc. We have made a great effort to ensure the highest quality of services for vulnerable people who have lost their dignity and have turned to us for help. We have established a special professional network in order to solve issues related to housing, health care, addiction and social home admission efficiently. We have differentiated the profiles of our services based on the needs of homeless people; services were adapted to the demands that arose.

Above of this BMSZKI organises and coordinates different training programs and provides trainings for professional staff working in the social sector. Our training range from few hours long workshops to 8 day intensive training courses, local and national conferences that are all open for staff working for other homeless service providers, and some cases, other social services in Hungary.

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