On 1 June 2021, the appointed ESR fellows have started their activity in the RE-DWELL network

Housing in many European countries has become unaffordable for many. In fact, it is now considered to be one of the most important national issues in Europe and its solution is proving very challenging.

Affordability and sustainability of housing have been addressed separately, from various disciplinary perspectives (e.g. architecture and planning, economics, sociology) and realms (e.g. policy-making, sustainable development, urban planning, green building). However, recent research indicate that it is necessary to consider the affordability and the sustainability of housing as complementary and interrelated aspects which need to be addressed with a transdisciplinary approach, by combining academic disciplines and engaging non-academic sectors in a common production of knowledge.

Second application period opened for ESR 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 14.

You can send your application until February 19, 2021, 24:00 CET.

Please check the requirements of the position(s) you are interested in and submit your application before the deadline.

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RE-DWELL will train a new generation of professionals with the transdisciplinary skills which are needed to address the urgent need of affordable and sustainable housing, a major challenge for European societies.

ESRs trained in the RE-DWELL ITN will be able to develop a capacity to operate across fields and sectors, to provide innovative solutions to the growing housing problem affecting our societies.


The combined knowledge provided by experts from the different fields and domains will contribute to create a transdisciplinary research framework in which early-stage career researchers (ESRs) will develop their individual projects on affordable and sustainable housing.

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9 European countries. Spain, France, UK, Croatia, Hungary, Cyprus, Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium.

10 higher-education institutions. The universities are represented by experts from several disciplines related to housing: architecture and planning, building and construction, sociology, economy, and law.

12 non-academic partner organisations. Partner organisations include construction companies, private and public developers, local administrations, research and advocacy groups, housing associations, social and international organizations.

in a nutshell

a transdisciplinary and holistic approach about housing which cuts across disciplinary boundaries and fields

a consortium of 22 organizations covering a range of academic disciplines and professional fields working on housing

a comprehensive training programme, with network specific courses complemented with training in the PhD programmes of the host universities

a blended learning environment to integrate onsite and online activities distributed across institutions

3 Workshops in Lisbon, Budapest and Zagreb; 3 Summer Schools in Nicosia, Valencia and Reading; and 2 international conferences in Grenoble and Barcelona

25 academic supervisors and co-supervisors supporting the individual research projects

a wide range of outreach activities to engage communities and professional organizations in the research and in the exploitation of research outputs


Before the recruitment date (foreseeable June 1, 2021), applicants must:

->have less than 4 years full time equivalent research experience at the time of recruitment (approx. June 2021) and not have obtained a doctoral degree
->not have resided or carried out the main activity (e.g. work, studies) in the country where you are applying to for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the recruitment date

Please read the descriptions of the ESR positions and check the application form.

->applications can be received until February 19, 2021, 24:00 CET
->if you need more information please contact us at info@re-dwell.eu