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Catalan Land Institute (INCASÒL) is a public company attached to the Territory and Sustainability Ministry. Its goal is to develop the public policies set in place by the Government of Catalonia in order to ensure land is used in the public’s best interest, prevent speculative practices and make the right to dignified, adequate housing a reality, while ensuring the economic balance, terms and quality of transactions.

The main functions that INCASÒL has carried out since its creation in 1980 are: the land development for residential and industrial uses, public facilities and services, the construction of social housing, the remodelling of deprived neighbourhoods and the rehabilitation of historical patrimony.

INCASÒL works closely with the local administrations, and is involved in consortiums with town councils from all over Catalonia that allow to add up the different necessary synergies for speeding up the town planning processes.

Its mission is to promote sustainable urban land development, boost the availability of housing, ensuring the redevelopment of urban districts, provision of open and green spaces, local services and facilities while avoiding speculative behaviour and enabling the public’s right to decent, adequate and affordable housing.

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