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Transdisciplinary research focusing on Design, Planning, Building

Published on 01-07-2024

The work contained in this document has been developed in parallel with the work reported in Deliverables 4.2 and 4.3. To carry out these three lines of inquiry along each of RE-DWELL’s three intertwined research areas – “Design, Planning, Building”, “Community Participation” and “Policy and Financing”–, 14 ESRs have been assigned to one of the three research areas most relevant to their research projects.


The process of the three lines of work has been as follows:

  • Identifying key issues derived from the work conducted in the ESR research projects
  • Deriving societal challenges related to the issues identified the research projects
  • Interlinking challenges across the three research areas

Key themes identified by five research projects focusing on the “Design, Planning, Building” area include the global shortage of sustainable homes and the environmental impacts of construction; the pressing need for sustainable materials and innovative construction techniques to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs; the importance of ensuring spatial efficiency and inclusive design to cater to diverse demographic needs; the potential of mass customization and participatory methodologies to empower communities and residents; the necessity of simplifying the regulatory framework to facilitate the development of sustainable social housing; the prioritization of health and long-term financial sustainability to ensure the viability and maintenance of housing; the need to address social housing rehabilitation and the promotion of circular, social, and affordable housing.

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