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Nadia Charalambous

Supervisor ESR8 and ESR9 - Host coordinator

is an Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture at UCY; she is coordinating UCY’s participation in Re-Dwell and co-leads WP2.

She has studied Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, University of London (BSc. in Architecture and Environmental Studies, M.Sc. in Advanced Architectural Studies, Diploma in Architecture) and completed her Ph.D. studies at the National Technical University in Athens. Research interests aim to address the inherently complex relationship between spatial configuration and social phenomena, both methodologically and theoretically. Past and planned research focuses on addressing issues of sustainable urban development, urban inclusion and accessibility to housing and public space, in a participatory framework. This work laid the foundation for a sustained record of conference presentations, publications in international journals and conference proceedings.

She has coordinated UCY’s participation in the International Collaborations – Dual Targeting project, “SUGAR; Sustainable Urban Governance through Augmented Reality”, funded by RPF, 2019-2020 and in the Erasmus Multilateral Network project “OIKOnet - A global multidisciplinary network on housing research and learning” 2013-2016. She is the coordinator of the Erasmus + KA2 project, “EPUM; Emerging Perspective on Urban Morphology: Researching and Learning through Multiple Practices”, 2017-2020 and of the Erasmus+, “Knowledge Alliances for Evidence-Based Urban Practices Project”, 2021-2024.


Participation in structured courses (RMT, TS)


Participation in network activities (Workshops, Summer Schools, Conferences, Secondments)

Valencia Summer schools


Summer School 2: Inclusive co-design and community planning of affordable and sustainable housing


Nicosia Summer schools


Summer School 1: Sustainable planning, design and retrofitting of affordable and sustainable housing



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