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Paulette Duarte

Supervisor ESR3; co-supervisor ESR13

Associate professor and accredited to supervise research in urban planning at the Institute of Planning and Alpine Geography of the University Grenoble Alps and researcher in the Pacte social sciences research centre. Her areas of research are the definition of the urban spaces (metropolis, urban area, city, district, public place, housing), and the social and urban phenomena at work in these spaces, such as the urban depreciation-valuation; the analyse of the processes of construction of collective actions to renew these spaces; and the understanding of the negotiation processes between the stakeholders in the field of the housing and urban renewal. All these issues are addressed through the social representations of inhabitants, stakeholders, or professionals of urban planning. For this, she mobilizes the sociology of social representations and actors of the urban, and qualitative methods of social sciences. Currently she finishes a research on the development of cooperative housing in France and Switzerland and starts a new one on land and real estate of productive activities.


Participation in structured courses (RMT, TS)


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Lisbon Workshops


WS1 Design, planning and building affordable and sustainable housing


Grenoble Conferences


IC1 Global Dwelling: Redesigning housing education for affordable and sustainable housing



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