Aya Elghandour


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B3 - Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA), University of Sheffield

Aya is an architect, teaching assistant, and early-stage researcher with a Master of Science in architecture from Port Said University (PSU), Egypt. Her MSc focussed on computational design to support decision-making using performance-based parametric design strategies to promote buildings sustainability. The thesis proposed application using visual coding was published in Building Simulation and Optimization Conference (BSO) 2016 held in Newcastle University, UK.

Aya was offered a tenure track position right after her graduation in the Architecture and Urban Planning Department in the Faculty of Engineering, PSU, Egypt. After obtaining her MSc, she was promoted to be a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses that included designing housing projects and residential neighborhoods. As an architect, she started in 2008, since being an undergraduate in Egypt, to design housing, social buildings, and some Landscape projects.

In Portugal, Aya joined an AEC company based in Lisbon, where she carried out housing, commercial and industrial facilities projects using Building Information Modelling (BIM) for schematic design and execution purposes. This was following the company’s and her interest in experimenting parametric techniques and facilitating multidisciplinary teamwork. Therefore, her current research interest aims to explore market-friendly strategies towards affordable and sustainable housing using Lifecycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) and BIM.

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